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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

On the coast east of Burry Port.

I left out three actinics on the coast just east of Burry Port last night (26/6), one in a dune hollow, one in an open pine/mixed deciduous wood and the third at the edge of a planting dominated by aspen. Irritatingly, the empty second trap must have failed soon after I left (when it was certainly shining bright) - I`m `on the case`!
There were decent catches in both of the working traps at first light - c 50 (in the dunes trap) and c 35 species (aspen wood trap) respectively. The moths included species to be expected, as well as the odd unexpected species; there were no migrants.

Above: a view of the `dune trap site`; the failed second trap was in the pines on the skyline, whilst the third trap was among aspen etc deeper in the planted woodland.
Above: this olive was a nice surprise. It is much less frequent (only 21 Carms records to 2016) than the similar double kidney (172 records).
                                                Above: four sand darts were in the trap.
                      Above: a surprise was this oak nycteoline  - there are no oaks nearby.
                  Above: I`ve confused myself with this Agonopterix sp. Any advice please?
Above: by this stage I was running late and a fine drizzle had started (it later stopped). This is just a quick shot of the contents of one of the egg cartons after it had been `banged out`onto the sand. It includes three l-album wainscots (of which I had nine in total), a shore wainscot (top right), a single lackey  (which totaled 16) `warming up` and a sand dart on the verge of `taking off`.

The other functioning trap was located at the edge of a stand of aspens, but no aspen associates were caught.
Above and below: this blue-bordered carpet and the 2nd generation engrailed were both photographed on the vanes of the trap.

Above: I believe that this is Agonopterix conterminella as the thorax and tergulae (to the sides of the thorax) are the same colour. Please correct me if wrong.


  1. That looks good for A. nervosa Ian. Agree with the A. conterminella. Nice haul.