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Friday, 2 June 2017

Next Year's Muslins are Here Already

The eggs laid by a female Muslin Moth trapped last month have hatched out:

I will keep them fed and watered until they've put on a bit of weight before releasing them into the wild.


  1. Definitely a Freudian slip and not intended!! Apologies to anyone who might have been offended.

  2. Lovely to see them Chris. My little Muslins seem to be going through the 'terrible two's' stage. Fiesty little things when being changed, obviously their defence mechanism. Started mine off with dandelion leaves which were fine, but after re-reading the Field Guide, it does say that they have also been raised successfully on apple leaves, so added apple leaves only, and they are clearing it far quicker than the dandelion. Luckily, we have three apple trees for 33 hungry Muslins!

    1. Well done Jacqueline. I've just found another batch of newly-hatched larvae on a window so they are about to be added to the others. I've given them a choice of oak or bramble, both are being eaten.