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Monday, 19 June 2017

New Trap Works Well

I spent the weekend building an MV facility for my Skinner trap (which hitherto has operated with a 15W actinic tube) courtesy of Paul Batty who provided the necessary kit.  Incidentally Paul has a fresh supply of 125W MV lamps; if anyone requires a spare they are £10 each + carriage.

Anyway, I attended the trap at 4am and there were still plenty of moths flying around, but at least the birds hadn't woken up to the fact, they were too busy singing.  It took me a good hour to photograph all the moths I could see before closing the trap down and relocating it to a shady place.

Whilst the overall result, inside and outside the trap, reflected quantity rather than quality, there were several FFYs including two which I was particularly pleased to see:

 Sharp-angled Carpet
Cloaked Carpet

Both have arrived early this year, in previous years I've had to wait until July for them.

Two other early arrivals were Drinker Moth and Dot Moth.

In spite of Ian's plea I'll probably take a night off trapping tonight to give myself recovery time and let last night's catch disperse.


  1. Excellent stuff, Chris! Sharp-angled and Cloaked carpets - never seen either of them. Well done you!

  2. Thanks Steve, I've got to have some 'Specialities of the House', you've got quite a few yourself, and as for Ian - doesn't he ever....!

  3. Cloaked carpet is certainly a goodie Chris. I`ve tried to photo some of last night`s catch but it`s too warm, making them too active so they will have to wait. I won`t be trapping at home tonight (to give my local moths a rest from me and predatory birds) but I`m hoping to trap at a local peat bog instead.