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Friday, 16 June 2017

More from Wednesday Night

Thank you to those who commented on my Gem blog yesterday.  The identity was confirmed for me by one of the Facebook 'Migrant Lepidoptera' Group and I duly reported it to Atropos 'Flight Arrivals'.

In spite of recording over 100 moths from 40+ species yesterday morning (which is good for Maenol!) only three others were FFYs: Eyed Hawk-moth, Wormwood Pug, and Celypha striana.

               Celypha striana                               Wormwood Pug
There was one other, a non-descript, brown micro that someone might recognise in spite of the apparent lack of strong distinguishing features. My best guess is that it's a Gelechid, possibly a Bryotropha sp.

I also get several of these tiny silvery moths every time I use the MV trap.  I don't suppose they're identifiable (Coleophora sp.?) but someone might be familiar with it:


  1. I think that looks fine for Bryotropha terrella Chris.

    The Coleophora is one of the rush feeders - perhaps alticolella but would need a closer look to be sure.

  2. Thank you very much George, I was beginning to think that my plea for help was falling on closed eyes! I guess the Coleophora will remain unspecified, I might have to sacrifice one in future in case a 'closer look' can be managed at some future time. My camera's not able to get any closer.