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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

More from Cwmllwyd (19 June 2017)

Three days after a decent catch at Cwmllwyd and with continuing very favourable weather, I decided to trap again. The MV trap was sited in the alder grove this time and attracted 252 moths of 69 species, with 14 FFY. Genus Hepialis was well represented, with two more Ghost Moths and three FFY Swift species: Orange, Map-winged and Common Swift. A few more FFYs are illustrated below:

 Red-necked Footman

 Pebble Hook-tip

 Dingy Shell

 A male Brussels Lace

Mompha locupletella (usual caveats apply).

Other species, too pretty to ignore, included:


 Double Line (eleven of these were found)

 Light Emerald

Striking markings on this Mottled Beauty f. conversaria.


  1. Gosh, that is early for Orange Swift. Things seem to be running very early this year. I've had Scalloped Oak already.

  2. Good work Steve. I`ve got a big backlog of mostly micros to go through as I`ve been trapping at several sites on Mon & Tues nights. Hopefully, if the weather breaks, I`ll be able to catch up! I`ve had some good stuff.

  3. Well done Steve, you always get the numbers as well as goodies!