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Monday, 19 June 2017

Llansteffan moths

Not to be out done by Ian, I had two peas last night as well.

Not the best photo's but you can see what they are. Had a good haul last night and still loads of photo's to go through and list.


  1. Ha ha! (and drat!)...I`d thought that I had beaten you this year too.
    Well done Mel. Hope that there`s other good stuff at Llansteffan.
    I`ve just set out three actinics at a peat bog/woodland site near Hendy - we`ll see what`s there at dawn.

  2. You'll not beat Mel on peas, Ian! Good to see you posting again Mel and very well done!

  3. Thanks both, I'm still trapping but not posting much as I've got family problems that are taking up a lot of my time.
    Had another pea last night at St A's. 😀, could be a lot of comments.....