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Friday, 16 June 2017

Hawk-moth time...

Among the c 50 or so species in the garden traps last night (Fri 16/6) were five species of hawk-moth - privet, eyed, elephant, poplar and lime, the sort of catch that would enthuse newcomers and children.

                             Above: a pair of privets - the right-hand side moth was larger.

                                                 Above: `all eyes` - an eyed hawk-moth.
                                       Above: `just hanging around` - an elephant hawk-moth.
                                                Above: and here`s the lime hawk-moth.

I also had several personal FFYs including light arches, Brussels lace, minor shoulder-knots, Anania lancealis and this grass rivulet:


  1. An amazing display, Ian, you're very lucky to have such a healthy population of Hawk-moths in your vicinity. I suppose that it's helped by the variety of habitats and, not the least, plenty of gardens with an abundance of nectar sources - something we lack around here.

  2. You`re right is a rich moth catchment.
    If I`m up to it, I may do a local woodland `away-from-home` site tonight, leaving the traps out until tomorrow morning.

  3. Lovely variety of hawks Ian. I've only had Elephant and Poplar Hawks so far. I had 4 Elephant Hawks last night. Had a good night last night, trapped until 1.30 am, so I don't get overwhelmed. Also covered in bites!! I was pleased to see my first Buff Arches, Knot Grass, and quite a few Micros and many other firsts.