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Monday, 26 June 2017

Great name!

Netted while walking the dogs at about 17:00, alongside a mixed hedgerow with lots of hawthorn, at Cwmllwyd.

I think that this is, perhaps, Paraswammerdamia nebulella (a.k.a P. lutarea). As always, confirmation would be appreciated - I've not seen the species before.

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  1. Looks ok to me, Steve. As you`ve discovered, dusking is not only easy (ie you can do it when you`re normally awake!) but it also brings results. Try some of those lower hillside flushes near Cwm-llwyd at dusk, if you`re up to it. Just take a net, some tubes - and the dog for a walk.
    I had three coastal traps out last night (one blinking trap malfunctioned). Good range of sand dune moths, but nothing exciting - will probably blog later.
    Just noticed that it`s pouring out - good! - I now can`t do my planned outdoor painting. I`ll have a little rest and do some moths instead.