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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Grass wave at Pwll

I`ve just been going through some `record shots` that I took at c 5.00 am this morning of some moths `to be identified later` (as well as some moths which I knew what they were, but could n`t remember their names!). They were from my garden trap (13/6).
Anyway, the moth below is a `good one` -  a grass wave, a species that was thought to be confined to Pembrey in our county, but which probably also occurs along adjacent coastal areas. It is confined to Gower in Glamorgan.

          Above: a slightly blurry photo - it flew off immediately after I took this sole shot.

Above: and another local moth, a rather better-behaved waved carpet, probably from wet alder/birch woodland below my garden.


  1. Very good record Ian. You caught a great photo, look at those antennae.

  2. Those are good photos for 5am Ian! I've got into the habit of using the camera rather than pen and pencil in the early hours, too, it's so much quicker. I just snap every moth I can see before closing the traps down. Finished at 4.30 this morning just before the rain started.

  3. I may be up early, but I`m not awake so, yes, the camera can be a great help. As you see, the grass wave was outside the trap and I was going to take several photos but only managed the one before it `legged it`.