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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Garden moths at Cwmllwyd

The MV trap was in commission at Cwmllwyd last night (17 June): the walk to the site was about 10 metres and rather less demanding than on Y Mynydd Du a few nights ago! Up at the crack of doom this morning and I found 74 moths of 37 species outside the trap! It's taken half the day to log and verify the catch; this has now reached a total of 254 moths of 56 species. 18 FFYs included (in no particular order): Double Line x3, Blood Vein, Snout x2 and Pinion Streaked Snout x2 (a second sighting of Beautiful Snout was also recorded), Green Silver-lines, Shears x6, Barred Yellow, Four-dotted Footman x5, Coronet x2 and Smoky Wainscot x2. Waved Carpets x2 were seen for the second time this year, as were both Rivulet and Small Rivulet.

Warning: some photos may be posted later.

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