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Saturday, 3 June 2017

FFY @ Cwmllwyd 14.10 on 3rd June 2017

Possibly the worst photo of one of these ever to appear on the blog, but recognisable nevertheless:

Humminbird Hawk-moth

Is this number three for the County this year?


  1. Well done....that`s obviously unmistakable!
    I think that you`re correct re `No 3 for 2017`....Lizzie Wilberforce a good few weeks ago and Jane at Rhandirmwyn recently.

  2. ...and PS...hummers really like red valerian, as in your photo - that`s the flower to plant to try to tempt them. Lavender is another favourite, along with Buddleia in late summer.

  3. We have all those plants in some numbers, but red valerian is the clear favourite with the Hummers.

  4. Well done Steve, excellent action photograph! I'm looking through the window at a clump of red valerian, but so far no Hummers to be seen on it. I can also see pots of nicotiana, but there's something bigger in mind for them!

  5. Quite a few seen in Rhandirmwyn this week, becoming common as muck now! two on Valerian at Nant y Bai Mill yesterday and another at the camsite the day before, plus the one i saw last Sunday.

  6. You're plagued with them; better get a flit spray!