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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Brownfield Bonus...

Llanelli used to be well-provided in terms of brownfield sites, but they have been mostly redeveloped in the last decade or so and very few significant areas remain - the site discussed below, another nearby moth-rich site at Machynys and that`s about it. A really good site near Burry Port is under the process of development as a new school...
Yesterday evening (27/6), I had planned to put out some overnight actinics but the forecast rain at `collecting in time` this morning put me off. Instead, I had a short visit to a rather small brownfield site near Morfa Roundabout in South Llanelli, an ex-detinning works with heavily contaminated soils due to the past use of both acids and alkalis to strip off tin from spoiled tinplate sheets. The contamination may have saved this site - so far - from development.
It is flower-rich and very convenient and easy to visit - I combined a visit with some necessary mid-week food shopping and spent c 45 mins or so there.

      Above: a fringe of self-sown birch screens the site from the immediately adjacent coast road.

Above: a group of Syncopacma were spotted on a very low (knee-height) willow. Ones from this same locality have proved to be the relatively-common taeniolella.
                                Above: provisional thoughts are that this is Celypha cespitata.
    Above: another moth caught at this locality last night. Note violet tinges - Pammene gallicana?

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