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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A surprise in Burry Port!

After I had collected my moths up and got them safely identified, photographed and recorded, I wondered back into the garden where I noticed a Knot Grass that I had missed. As I stepped up to take a shot I realised that just above it, clinging to the shed, was a giant grey moth!

Puss Moth!

I was also pleased to find Herald in the trap.
As well as what look like two examples of Eudonia lacustrata


  1. Your Crambids don't look like E.delunella to me, Adam. The examples of this species that I've seen all had a very strong dark blotch mid-wing, like Jane's example. Yours have a clear X-mark, more like Dipleurina lacustrata.

    1. P.S. Lovely Puss-moth though, I'm jealous, haven't had one here this year!

  2. Yes, Chris is right, just Eudonia lacustrata I'm afraid.

  3. No problem, thanks for the id

  4. Yes, I'm feeling a tad green with envy, I haven't seen the Puss Moth here in Carmarthenshire North either, I can always hope!