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Thursday, 15 June 2017

A mixed bag last night at Pwll...

Once more, the migrants must have been high-flying last night (14/6), heading for the hills around Maenol as, unlike Chris Handoll`s gem, nothing of a migratory nature turned up - not even a silver y! In contrast and without the need for the tremendous and appreciated effort made by Steve Clarke in the Mynydd Du hill country, an upland moth turned up at my very lowland (almost sea level) garden. It`s not the first time that a four-dotted footman has turned up, but they`re rare with me (unlike their confusingly similar namesake, the four-spotted footman, which is regular).
Otherwise, last night had the usual mix of mid-June moths, including the first double line of the season.

                                   Above: last night`s four-dotted footman at Tyrwaun, Pwll.
                                                     Above: beautiful golden y.
                                                    Above: Apotomis semifasciana.


  1. A very nice Apotomis semifasciana. At first sight I thought that it was a very oddly-shaped moth, very constricted centrally, so well do the mid-wing markings blend in with the background, and the edge of the basal dark area is like a battlement.

  2. I don`t normally photo torts from this angle, but I only managed about three shots (the others were blurred) of the mostly-moving moth before it flew off.

  3. I've never seen that Apotomis, nice one.

    I think Four-dotted Footman might breed in the dune slacks at Pembrey Forest (I disturbed one there once).