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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Worth the effort, Pembrey Burrows LNR Wednesday 24th May 2017

Tonight, after body rolling under the barbed wire fence...not a pretty sight.. I set up at SS4153699445, (from sunset until 23:59hrs) just to the north of the main track through the reserve.

It was great to catch, what I guess are run of the mill species , with Small Elephant (2), Elephant (3), Purple Bar, Treble Lines (20+), Fox Moth, Peppered Moth, Common carpet, Setaceous Hebrew Character (very worn), Cinnabar, Pale Prominent and thanks to Steve Clarke help with ID , Clouded -bordered Brindle. and if anyone is interested to identify a large carabid beetle with ridged and square elytra (photo available).

Clouded-bordered Brindle (thanks Steve)

Pale Prominent?

Small Elephant Moth


  1. Hi, Paul. The top photo is of Clouded-bordered Brindle. That was a great collection of moths - very well done. 20 Treble Lines; I've never seen one!

  2. Worth the effort as you say, Paul, but I don't think that I would relish the barbed wire fence bit! Small Elephant HM is nice, I've only ever had one here in seven years of trapping.