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Friday, 12 May 2017

Warm and Damp, but Disappointing

The title sums up the results of last night's trapping session here, the first I've managed since 20th April.  However, the poor turn-out of moths (26 of 17spp) might have had something to do with the presence of several bats which have been performing antics right outside the lounge window - close to where one of my traps was sited - every evening this week.  My wife and I have been watching their performance, it's been far more entertaining than anything in the TV schedule!

The moths that escaped the bats' attentions included four species of Carpet - Flame, Devon, Spruce, and Sandy.  Devon and Sandy Carpets were particularly welcome since I've not seen them here very often.

                Spruce Carpet                                    Sandy Carpet

                  Devon Carpet

Other species of note were a very large female Pale Tussock (no eggs have appeared so far), and a male Muslin Moth (possibly the mate to Jaqueline's female from the other side of the valley?)

                 Pale Tussock                                    Muslin Moth

Micros were represented by several 20 Plume Moths, two White-shouldered House Moths, and a Parsnip Moth.


  1. Unless you try, you never know what`s there, so full praise for trapping, Chris.

  2. It's my 8th year of trapping here so I pretty much know what to expect, but I take your point Ian - the unexpected is never very far away!

  3. Lovely moths Chris. Haven't seen the Sandy Carpet. I have answered your question back on my post regarding the Muslin eggs. I will be hatching them out. Did you see my post and pics of the Peach Blossom?

  4. I did see your Peach Blossom pics, Jacqueline, one of the most stunning moths along with its 'cousin' Buff Arches, I usually see both species regularly here during the summer. There are several other species which occur regularly in our region and not so often in southern parts of the county, Sharp-angled Carpet and Cloaked Carpet come to mind (July moths) and Double Dart next month. It will be interesting to see to what extent your species records mirror my own and Sally's, being not so far away.