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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Updates from my garden - Carmarthenshire North

Tues 2nd May - Robinson mv trap in my garden brought Twenty-plume, Nut-tree Tussock, Least Black Arches, Pale Prominent, Brimstone, Brindled Beauty and 4 nfg, nfy, nfm, being Scalloped Hazel, Flame Shoulder, Flame Carpet and the lovely Peach Blossom (see pics below).

                                                              Peach Blossom - Thyatira batis

Wednesday 3 May - Robinson mv trap brought a similar mix as Tues 2nd May, including Garden Carpet, Water Carpet, Pebble Prominent and another 4 nfg, nfy, nfm being White Ermine (pic below),  Common Lutestring (see pics below), Common White Wave and Pale Tussock.

                                                           White Ermine  - Spilosoma lubricipeda

                                                      Common Lutestring - Ochropacha duplaris

Thursday 4th May - was very cold so used corner light which brought Brimstone, Hebrew Character, Least Black Arches and a nfy, nfg, nfm being a Clouded Silver.

Saturday 6th May - Very good conditions which brought, Brimstone, Scalloped Hazel, Small Phoenix, Lunar Marbled Brown, Pale Prominent, Brindled Beauty (they have been plentiful since March), Pebble Prominent, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Least Black Arches, and 3 nfg, nfy, nfm, being  Barred Umber, Popular Hawk-moth and Sharp-angled Peacock

                                                             Barred Umber - Plagodis pulveraria

                                                            Poplar Hawk-moth - Laothoe populi

                                                                    Sharp-angled Peacock - Macaria alternata 

As suggested by Ian in an earlier post, I have found many Micropterix calthella on Marsh Marigolds and Creeping Buttercups within my garden, (see pic below).

                                                                               Micropterix calthella

Today, Tues 9 May The facebook moth group I belong to is also very passionate about leafminers, and encourages members to look out for leafminers and leafmining evidence. As someone who only started with moths last Oct/Nov, I have stayed with Macros as there are so many to learn. After seeing several posts over time from a very knowledgable Admin, and again today from Leonard Cooper and David Shenton on the group page, I decided to go and check my Birch tree, and found one of the many Phyllonorycters,  (see pics below). The leafminer suggested by Ian, and the one I found today, are my first two species that I have looked for, and found in my garden. I have also had the leafminer  Dyseriocrania subpurpurella which came to the trap 22 Apr 2017.

                                                                       One of the many Phyllonorycters 

I am looking forward to reading some feedback on the above postings, and as always, happy trapping! 


  1. You`ve been really busy Jacqueline! - well done and a nice array of moths (and good photos).
    I have n`t trapped for some nights now (unsuitable weather) but tomorrow night (Thurs) currently looks good, with S winds etc.
    Keep up the good work - you`re doing well.

  2. Thanks for your comments Ian. Yes, I tried to make good use of the weather while the evening temps were still good, and like yourself, I have not trapped since Saturday, because of the cold nights. Fingers crossed for Thursday, I would love a Spectacle moth to drop by. The Cockchafers on Saturday, really disrupted the trap, it was a nightmare, approx 25! I was potting them as quickly as I could, while they continued to land, buzz and camacazie out of the trap. My fear of them doesn't help neither!

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