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Friday, 26 May 2017

Some small diurnal moths.

Further to GMT's comment on Chris Handoll's post about day flying moths,  I thought that I would mention that Glyphipterix simpliciella is quite abundant at Cwmllwyd, too.

The Micropterix calthella population has reached very high levels after a slow start, with a new record for the site of 15 of them in a single buttercup flower! Nettle Taps  are rising in clouds now from nettles, as well. Eupoecilia angustana, netted in the lane, was a FFY and a first for me:

Slightly larger, a couple of these Wormwood Pugs (?) were netted last evening:

The MV trap will be working its magic here tonight.


  1. You've beaten me, Steve, I think that I've had up to 12 M.calthella on a single buttercup, and that was a couple of years ago when I became aware that they existed! There are a lot of them around this year though.

  2. I think that's Common Pug Steve,


  3. Thanks for taking the time, George - sorry to add to your workload!