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Monday, 29 May 2017

Rain stopped play

I deployed the trap at Pembrey Burrows this evening, but only managed an hour before the drizzle turned to rain.
The location I chose was perhaps not ideal in the conditions, being just at the edge of some Sea Buckthorn with the light probably not visible enough.
Anyway I think I've got, Green Carpet including a faded specimen, either Common or Plain Pug and two that someone will be able to identify I'm sure.

Common or Plain Pug?

Green Carpet

Faded Green carpet?



  1. The pug is Shaded, nice record.

    You're right with the Green Carpets.

    The last one is a scoparid, not sure from the photo whether it's Scoparia ambigulais or pyralella.

  2. Glad that the pug was sorted. Keep up the good work Paul - rosy wave is one to really look for on the saltmarsh in June. `Dusking` with a net offers the best chance.

  3. Looks like pyralella to me Paul