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Monday, 22 May 2017

Pembrey Burrows LNR first session Monday 23rd May 2017

In less than perfect weather conditions, a bit blowy and cool I set the Skinner 15w in area of Willow scrub/Phragmites reed and rough grass. (SS413997) I only ran the trap from sunset until 23:00hrs, as I was out at  05:30hrs bird ringing..

I am quite pleased with my first attempt and picked up a nice range of moths but not in any quantity.

Please correct any identification errors as I'm quite rusty...

Fox Moth

Pale Tussock

Treble Lines

Middle Barred Minor

Sharp Angled Peacock

Small Seraphim
If anyone would like to join me at the reserve I'm planning another session for Wednesday just for a few hours after sunset.


  1. Glad that you`ve got started Paul. Remember to differentiate between the SN40 (northern) part and the SS49 (southern) part of the Pembrey Burrows and Saltings site ( I call my records `Pembrey Burrows North` and `P.B. South`).

    1. Good Point Ian, thanks, so this was in the North West corner of the reserve

  2. Good to meet you on Thursday, Paul. I think your bottom image is Small Seraphim

    1. Hi Thanks, and thanks for the ID correction which is appreciated