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Thursday, 4 May 2017

More (and more common) micros.

I decided to have a brief look around Cwmllwyd for moth of the moment, Pachyrhabda steropodes, found by both Vaughn and Ian very recently, but failed to find any. Instead, I netted two species of much more common micros that are new to me. Apologies for the really poor photos.

 Incurvaria masculella

 Two pictures of what I think may be Eriocrania salopiella. Confirmation, or correct ID, would be gratefully received!


  1. Have you considered Psychoides filicivora. I've just had some hatch; I'll post a pic.

  2. Thanks very much for taking the time; it's much appreciated. Yes, I did consider P. filicivora, even before potting the moth in the net. I captured the species for the first time here last September and also found several mines on hart's tongue fern in January. I then foolishly (correct word) made two significant errors: I persuaded myself that it's far too early for the species to be flying here, particularly with the fairly awful spring we've had up here; secondly, I relied on my truly dreadful photos which steered me unerringly away from the correct ID! I'm rather new to micros - it wasn't until the publication in 2012 of the field guide by Sterling, Parsons and Lewington and more particularly, the 2015 second edition of the British Moths photographic guide, that I was able to ID anything other than a few common pyralids. The latter publication is now a vital piece of kit for me.

  3. Cheers Steve, and great that the book is being useful.

  4. Cheers Steve, and great that the book is being useful.