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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Monday Night at Maenol

Sorry, I'm a day late in reporting due to other commitments. MV + Actinic traps used, the same combination as last Friday night, but no thundery downpours this time.  A good night for moths though, the current tally being 128 moths of 50 species, with three more unidentified (see below). FFYs were Common Lutestring (3), Ash Pug, Sallow Kitten, Great Prominent, Campion, Lychnis, Small Fan-foot and Notocelia cynosbatella.

                        Ash Pug                               Common Lutestring

                     Lychnis                                       Campion
Hope I've got these right!
Once again I'm asking for help with regard to three micros in the catch:

I don't imagine that it will be possible to be specific about either of the above; the first I think is a Coleophora species (C. spinella ?) The second possibly a Tineid, with few distinguishing features that I can see - but someone else might!

Plenty of features to the third, it looks like a species of Parornix, possibly P. torquillella.  However, the book says that the species of this genus cannot reliably be distinguished without gen det.  A pity, because three of them turned up on Monday night.


  1. Your 'ornix appears to have unmarked white palps, which suggests it is Deltaornix torquilella (as the others with white palps are rare Scottish things). The Tineid could perhaps be a worn Glyphipterix fuscoviridella, but I really don't know. The Coleophora is exceedingly dark and has quite ringed antennae, but isn't really IDable from a photo.

  2. Thank you Sam, now you mention it the white palps are easily visible but I wouldn't have known to look for that feature. UK Moths suggest that the species is indistinguishable from P.finitimella and it seems from the photos that this sp. might have white palps too.
    When you've time I would be grateful if you could visit my blog of 18 May to see whether you'd accept my id of Mompha subbstrigella. Thanks.