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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Lunar Thorn: New for Maenol

The small actinic trap attracted very few moths last night - 2 Hebrew Characters, a White Ermine and a Small Square-spot were the only ones to enter the trap, but resting outside it was a Lunar Thorn, a first for me here:

The porch light also attracted a few, including a small Pug (F/W 11mm) which I suspect is either Brindled or Oak-tree, probably the latter, but the markings aren't distinct enough to be sure.

Yesterday a mini-micro turned up in the woodshed, the first for a few weeks, a Mompha species I think, but not the usual M.divisella.  From the images I've found it most resembles M.subbistrigella, if so it's another first for me.

            Possible Oak-tree Pug                            Mompha sp.


  1. Lovely Lunar Thorn. Not had one here, only the Early and the Purple Thorns.

  2. I've waited 8 years for this one, Jacqueline, started trapping here in May 2010. With luck you won't have to wait this long! There was a Foxglove Pug on my lounge window this morning, this species should be cropping up regularly now that Foxgloves are approaching flowering time.