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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

More Day Fliers

Hello all! Apologies for the truly terrible phone photos that follow, the Llanelli moths seem to be waiting for me to be without my camera to make their appearances - and these are the few I've managed to chase down! I think Adaina microdactyla, Common wave, Flame/Red carpet and Monopis weaverella. Any corrections or any idea's anyone has based on such hopeless photos will be much appreciated!! Thanks!


  1. Quickly - I must start work! - I`ll have to check the plume in the books later but your others look correct (but the flame - I think that it`s that - was at an awkward and blurry angle!) Olivia. Well done.
    Incidentally, there`s a good i/d article by Jon Baker on `white waves`in Newsletter No 1 (see top right of the blog page).

  2. Those all look good to me. Red Carpet is a rare upland species hardly known from South Wales, so it will be Flame Carpet.

  3. Thanks both! It's great having you all here for support!!