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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Good Night at Maenol

The best night of the year so far, the MV trap and the 15W Skinner actinic trap together yielded a total of 76 moths, 38 spp., which is a very good result for this location.  The most abundant species were Buff-tip, Peppered Moth, Nut-tree Tussock, and Small Square-spot.  Notable visitors were the first Elephant Hawk, Lobster Moth, Cabbage Moth, Alder Moth, and Dark Sword-grass of the year - the latter being the only migrant species caught.  Two micros appeared, Pseudargyrotozoa conganwana and Bactra lancealana (I think).

                 Lobster Moth                              Elephant HM

                Cabbage Moth                                    Alder Moth

             Dark Sword-grass                         Muslin Moth (female)

Two Muslin Moths entered the traps, one male, one female (no eggs so far!)  I caught another female Muslin Moth in the garden this morning, some distance from the trap sites.  Muslin Moths seem to be having a good year.  I also saw the first Silver-ground Carpet of the year in the garden.

               P. conwagana                                Bactra lancealana

I catch more micros in my woodshed than in my traps!  Sadly the shed is in a sad state of repair, I'm thinking of applying for a Council grant to refurbish it on the grounds that it's a haven for wildlife.


  1. Good stuff, Chris. I've never seen Muslin Moth at Cwmllwyd.

  2. Well done Chris...better than me!
    There MAY be migrants on the move - your dark sword-grass, my two painted ladies in the garden this afternoon and several spp reported on `Atropos Flight Arrivals`. I note the high night-time temps too, in spite of clear skies...

  3. Thanks guys, it spurred me on to try a micro hunt this afternoon, report in due course, not hugely exciting but worth a mention.

  4. Warm, still evenings are the best for finding many micros...I popped out this pm and only saw a few, so don`t be put off.