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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Butterfly Survey Pembrey Burrows LNR 25th May 2017

Myself and another volunteer, Veronica, started a low scale butterfly survey today with the aim of being more organised for 2018.

I chose a transect through the most floristically rich grazing field,  (the one nearest the car park) then along the rough track to the information hut in the middle of the reserve.

It was a tad too breezy but we counted :
Common Blue 28
Dingy Skipper 2
Green Hairstreak 1
Small Blue 42
Small Heath 3
A few Green veined Whites could be seen outside the transect area.

Brachytron pratense, and Libellula Depressa were on the wing near the pond

I found an interesting cocoon and spent larval case does anyone have an idea to species..

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