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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Brilliant Nights Mothing!

Hi all, I had a trap full on Tuesday night! Including some amazing moths and mostly firsts for me! I'm still working on ID's for most of the micros but I've done the macros.
7 Elephant Hawkmoths! Poplar Hawkmoths, Swallow Prominents, Hebrew Characters, Clouded borders, White Ermines, Treable Lines, Blood veineds, Green Carpets, Flame Shoulders, Scorched Wings, Latticed Heath, Peppered Moths, White Pinion Spotted, Dogs tooth, Light Emeralds, Alder moths, Campion, Gold Spot, Buff tip, Pale Tussock, Spectacled, Small Angle Shade, Pebble Prominent, Brimstone moth, Light Brown Apple Moth, Common Swift, Middle-barred Minor, May Highflyer, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Cinnabar, Dark-barred Twin Spot Carpet, Figure of Eighty, Least Black Arches, Small Seraphim, Ear Moth?

I have photos of all in case anyone would like to offer a second opinion!!

Any opinions on the question marked moths below would be greatly appreciated!
 Dog's Tooth?
 Elephant Hawkmoth!
 Any Suggestions Welcome!
 Least Black Arches?
 Scorched Wing
Small Seraphim?
Any Suggestions Welcome!


  1. Glad that you trapped Olivia, as this week has been perfect for trapping.
    Your dog`s-tooth, least black arches and small seraphim are correct, whilst your ear? looks like a small square spot to me.

    1. I agree with Ian, Small Square-spot, possibly also No.5 but it's a bit too worn to be sure. Last one's a Clouded-bordered Brindle I think. It's a very impressive list though Olivia, the Dog's Tooth is great, I've never seen one.

  2. You're right Ian, thanks, I think I've been staring at moth pictures too long! Do you have any suggestions for the unidentified ones?

  3. I did n`t see the clouded-bordered brindle at the end, so thank you Chris.
    The other unidentified one MAY be another small square spot, but I`m not sure at present.