Sunday, 7 May 2017

Brief report...

Well done to Steve and Adam for trapping and posting.
I did n`t trap on Friday, due to the wind, but did so last night. A fair mix of moths in my garden traps, but disappointing numbers-wise. A diamond-back moth represented the migrants - do look out for this small micro, as it`s easy to identify. Mine would n`t stay still for a decent photograph and when I placed it to take another (after a period in the fridge), it `spiraled off` skywards.
The same happened with a Scoparia ambigualis, so you have to make do with a `glass tube shot`:

Above: Scoparia ambigualis. Incidentally, there is a VERY GOOD i/d article for these `grey pyralids` by Jon Baker in the Carms Moth Group Newsletter No 9 - see `Newsletter Archive` link on the top right-hand side of the blog page. Highly useful and recommended.


  1. It doesn't look nearly bright enough for S pyralella to me, I'm afraid - I'd have called that S ambigualis.

  2. Sam - believe it or not - I was about to change it to ambigualis myself, after further reading up etc! If I`d been 20 mins earlier, I`d have beaten you to it! I`ll change the caption above though.