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Monday, 29 May 2017

A brief return

I popped back to Brechfa for a night to see Clare and our kids settled there for Half Term before returning to Dingestow to oversee holiday guests.  I couldn't resist leaving the porch light on, just in case there were moths around, and it produced a decent haul of 26 species in the morning.  These included a female Fox Moth (which I've only had 6 times before at Cnwc), a couple of Marbled Brown (common at Cnwc but still 'needed' for Dingestow), and a Larch Pug.  A scoot round the garden yesterday evening produced two of its specialities: Adela fibulella on Germander Speedwell and Bucculatrix nigricomella on Ox-eye Daisy.

Interesting migrant news: a visiting moth'er caught a Small Mottled Willow near St Clear's a few nights ago (22nd May), which is the first I've heard of in the county this year.


  1. I looked locally for the Bucculatrix last week on ox-eye daisies but only found dipteran mines...I`ll keep on trying!

  2. Look for the imago, fluttering over Oxeye just before dusk.