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Friday, 26 May 2017

11 plus...more dusking fun

A very quick post...conditions were ideal for `dusking` last night (Thurs 25/5) and I paid an hour`s visit (8-9.00pm) to a floristically-rich brownfield site on the coast at Machynys, Llanelli. At least eleven species were caught (mostly micros) and I`m sure that more would have been seen if I`d explored the site further and/or waited for it to get darker.

               Above: the remaining brownfield site at Machynys - one of the last - alas!

The richness of the vegetation, with lots of legumes such as bird`s-foot trefoil and others such as yarrow and ox-eye daisy translates into a varied moth assemblage, with (for example, on this occasion) plenty of Dichrorampha plumbana and lesser numbers of Grapholita compositella.
Both Scoparia pyralella (quite brightly-coloured) and the more muted Eudonia pallida were spotted lurking in vegetation.

                                                        Above: Scoparia pyralella.
                                                         Above: Eudonia pallida.

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