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Thursday, 20 April 2017


My first chance to trap in Carmarthenshire in 2017 and I was very frustrated to wake up to unforecast torrential rain! Never happens in Glamorgan...
I was also without my tubes and my moth books as they were all in the office but that's enough moaning for now...
About 70 moths of 17species in total - new for me this year were pebble prominent, water carpet, flame shoulder and a dark sword-grass as well as the three below (apologies for terrible photos - my camera was another thing I was missing...) which I'd like confirmation of please:
Slightly faded Early Grey?
Early tooth-striped?
Other than that, 1 common wasp and 1 black sexton beetle (Nicrophorus humator).


  1. Welcome back Vaughn! I agree with all of your dets - white-marked is nice (I`ve never had one). I was lucky with the rain, as it only started at c 6.45am, by which time I`d emptied my traps and put them away; it was only moderate drizzle too - not `torrential` like yours (`punishment` for not trapping enough in Carms, perhaps!!!). The weather is supposed to be ok tonight too, so again worth trapping.

  2. Thanks Ian, I have had white-marked there before but always nice to see one. It was raining at 5:40 when I got up so couldn't rescue all the moths sadly. Won't be able to tonight but will hopefully manage more regularly than once every 4 months...