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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Moth ID for Carmarthenshire North

Robinson Trap at my garden Saturday 22 Apr 2017 - Carmarthenshire North

Could I ask for an id on this particular moth please. I was thinking Double-barred Twin-spot??

Sorry, but photos not very clear as I didn't want to take lid off in case it escaped. Is this moth a Double-barred Twin-spot? Initially, when I glanced at it on the wall a 'Red Twin-spot' came to mind, but further inspection against the Field Guide, made me think it looked more like the Double-barred Twin-spot??  It has the single white 'spike' on either side of the white upper collar, and the wing tips look the same for the DBTS?


Thank you for your help with this.


  1. Have a look at the very useful article `Identification Forum` re i/d of this `species pair` by Jon Baker in Newsletter No 3 (to access, go to the `Newsletter Archive` on the top R-hand side of the blog page).
    I take it that you mean `dark-barred` rather than `double-barred`-the sort of `tired error` that I often do!
    I`d say that it`s red twin-spot carpet...

  2. PS. for info, the main reason I`ve offered the above i/d is because of the depth/shape of the `step` at the rear edge of the darker median (middle) band. This `step` seems shallower/less abrupt to me, pointing to RTSC. Also, the above band is narrower, again suggesting RTSC.

  3. Thanks for your explanation Ian. Yes, I did mean Dark-barred. I'll have to check out the article, and I'll try and get a clearer photo later.

  4. No luck with more photos, it flew soon as the lid came off!