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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Mompha bradleyi

I note that Chris Handoll in north Carmarthenshire and Rosemary Royle in Pembrokeshire have both had Mompha divisella in indoor situations (at windows) recently within a day or two of each other, if I recall correctly.
It was my turn yesterday (5/4), but my Mompha was M. bradleyi, a convincingly-marked individual perfectly matching the photo in Chris Manley`s book (p.111). I`ve had it once before, back in 2015 and just a day later on 6/4/15; that individual was confirmed by dissection by Sam.
Mine was found when I embarked on cleaning the inner side of some house windows, a task that I`d put off previously. If I were to be rewarded with a `good moth` every time I undertook domestic chores, I`d do them with slightly increased enthusiasm.
I`ll try to take a photo if I have time later, but it`s a small moth and my photos are usually awful.

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