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Friday, 21 April 2017

Last Night at Maenol - Slightly Noisier!

A little more moth activity than Wednesday Night, a large actinic trap attracted 45 moths of 13 Species.  Most numerous: Hebrew Character13, Clouded Drab 7, Brindled Beauty 7, Brindled Pug 3. Worthy of mention: 2 late Dotted Borders, Early Tooth-striped and Streamer (1 of each).  FFYs Lunar Marbled Brown, Yellow-barred Brindle, and Semioscopis steinkellneriana (can someone please think of a shorter, preferably English, name for this one?)

That's it for me until early May, when hopefully the Hebrew Characters will be reduced in number and a few more species will have appeared.  In the meantime, good luck all you fellow trappers!


  1. I have just had two of these in Pembs, having never seen it before, must be having a good year. When I pointed out to Robin Taylor, the Pembs moth recorder, that the Latin name had 11 syllables he replied "The specific name is certainly extravagant. I have checked the derivation. It is named after Professor Steinkellneriana, an eighteenth century Jesuit priest and Viennese entomologist (see Emmet - ``The scientific names of the British Lepidoptera``)".

  2. Thank you for that interesting piece of research, Rosemary. If the name dates from the 18th century it's about time that it was updated! Perhaps Robin could come up with a plausible alternative. The wing markings might prompt something appropriate, they're very distinctive. The moth crops up here most years.

  3. I find it a very satisfying name to say :) rolls off the tongue better than others that's for sure!

    1. Glad someone loves it Vaughn. It may be satisfying to say but it's a pain to write if your keyboard skills are as poor as mine!