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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Day Fliers!

Hello all,
I thought I would celebrate becoming a member of the group by posting a couple of moths that I've spotted flying during the day over the last week or so at Llanelli wetlands for a second opinion. I've written what I think they may be in the captions. Thanks in advance!
Wood Carpet? (21/04)

Agonopterix scopariella? (24/04)

Small Phoenix? (25/04)


  1. Hi Olivia. Welcome to the Carms Moth Group. Your ID of Small Phoenix is spot on and clearly shows the strange angle at which they hold the tip of the abdomen when at rest. I think that your first photo (great picture, by the way) may be of Common Carpet: between the dark central cross-band and the base of the wing there is a very fine cross-line and then a broader, paler band - these features are not present on Wood Carpet. It may be worth checking at:
    I am noted on this website for my lack of expertise in identifying micromoths, nevertheless, I think I would have suggested Agonopterix arenella for your 2nd photo. I hope this helps.

  2. I agree with Steve on the Agonopterix. This is a difficult genus and not completely illustrated in the main Micro book, but A arenella is pretty distinctive and pretty common. I also agree on Common Carpet.

  3. Thanks both! I've been torn between Common and Wood Carpet, I went for Wood in the end as the blueish circles along the band were more obviously separated like the picture in my book. A. arenella is not in the book I have access to, perhaps it's time to invest in a decent one!! Thanks again for your help!

  4. Also worth noting that Wood Carpet is single brooded and flies in the summer, whereas Common Carpet is double brooded and flies in spring and then again later in the summer.