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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Bagworms on lichen trees

Part of my job with NRW is lichen conservation, and I spent most of today looking at lichens on the parkland trees in Dinefwr Park SSSI.  This has the most diverse parkland lichen flora in Wales by a country mile, and beats all but one English parklands as well.  Anyway, whilst staring at lichen-covered Oak trunks I kept an eye open for the cases of the Psychid 'bagworm' moth Luffia ferchaultella, which I found at Dinefwr in March 2012.  This time I saw it on 3 widespread trees, with just under 20 cases in total, so it is clearly well established but not especially numerous.  I also found one case on an Oak on another farm, though I can't say where because I only had permission to record the lichens [George will sympathise!].


There are only 3 other Carmarthenshire records - the 2012 Dinefwr one and two made by Barry in 2005 on the Llanelli Coast, with "beating tray" in the notes.  I wonder whether the notes are wrong, because I've never seen Luffia away from a hard vertical surface (tree trunk/wall/rock).


  1. A grand result Sam - well done!

  2. I went to Dinefwr last autumn looking at lichens too with Plantlife and was really impressed with the superb ancient trees. Would be great to do some moth recording there!

  3. Yes the beating tray comment is clearly wrong - I will have forgoten to have changed the method field. I'll check my notebook to see if I have any more details for the record...

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