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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Another Emperor

I'm flitting east and west at the moment while Clare and the kids enjoy the school holidays in Brechfa and I juggle work, our holiday guests (in Monmouthshire) and some family time.  Luckily this gives me a chance to catch moths in both 'my' counties - I've got the MV on in Monmouthshire tonight but had 6 species at the Cnwc porch light last night.  Yesterday morning I was pleased to find a female Emperor Moth waiting for me on our French windows.  I left her carefully on the wall all day, but no male Emperors came to visit.  The difference between the females that came to Jane's and my porches, and the male that came to Jacqueline's lure is quite striking.  Either is a pleasure to see!


  1. So lucky. What a lovely surprise. Stunning female, and so much bigger than the male. Weds 12 th, I had 1 x Iron Prominent and 2 x Small Pheonix nfg, nfy, nfm. Tonight, Thursday 13 th, I have a Pebble Prominent. In the Tues trap I had the Least Black Arches and Purple Thorn, again nfy, nfg, nfm. Nice to see some new species coming in.

  2. Ive not had much coming to my traps at the moment. Very frustrating but here it just hasn't been tempting weather for them. I did have my first Small Pheonix though and two separate Great Prominents( different trap sites)