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Thursday, 20 April 2017

A Quiet Time at Maenol

Nothing like as exotic as Chris Manley's Micropterix tunbergella, but my first sighting of  M. calthella this year is worthy of note, on Caltha palustris.

I put a small actinic trap out last evening and rescued it from the rain at 5.45am.  It contained 20 moths of 8 species, half of them Hebrew Characters, nothing new.  Things are taking a long time to get going around here.  I might try again tonight, it will be the last opportunity for me until early May due to other commitments.


  1. As I mentioned to Vaughn below, I was lucky with the rain but glad that you tried Chris. I was wondering when calthella would appear only yesterday. Please do try again tonight - the weather is supposed to be ok and moths can vary on consecutive nights, as I found.

  2. I've been looking for M. calthella on marsh marigold for a couple of weeks, but haven't found any yet - it's still quite cold at night up here. I've trapped a couple of times since my last post, but with low counts and no further FFYs, so not worth blogging. Friday could be o.k., perhaps.

    1. I saw them on Marsh Marigold last year Steve but it was much later, in mid-May. Most of my sightings have been on Buttercups.