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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Nant-y-bai Mill

I trapped at Nant-y-bai Mill last night, just below the Lead mines. Had a really interesting catch, the usual Common Quakers , Small Quakers, Clouded Drabs, Twin spotted Quaker, Oak Beauties and Dotted Borders et al.
Plus a Red Sword-grass, 2 Yellow Horned, a Shoulder Stripe which is so lively I'm finding it difficult to photograph,what I think may be a Pale Pinion , but it is very battered and I'm probably way off the mark, and a dark pug of some sort. Is it a melanic form with the very dark body???
 Red Sword-grass
 Is this a Pale Pinion?

Pug?????? wing Length 12/13mm
Thanks for all help.


  1. Brindled Pug is the usual one this early (plus Double striped) though yours is an unusually dark one.

  2. Red Sword-grass is such a lovely moth.

  3. Any ideas /help with the possible Pale Pinion above???

  4. Yes, Pale Pinion. The thorax would be darker on Tawny Pinion.