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Thursday, 16 March 2017

More of the Same

I  also put two traps in the garden last night, and although they weren't as fruitful as Ian's it was a worthwhile venture.  41 moths of 11 species were recorded, the only new arrival (FFY) being Diurnea fagella.

Yesterday afternoon produced something of interest when I noticed a small moth on a window in the garage.  Further inspection of all three windows led to the capture of 5 such moths, all of the same species - Mompha divisella.  These are three of them:

I then inspected windows in the adjacent utility room and found 2 Diamond-backed Moths.

Clearly woodsheds don't have a monopoly on hibernating micros, and it's worth checking the windows of any outbuilding, especially at this time of year.

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  1. Well done Chris. I`ve come indoors due to drizzle (it`s [neglected] `garden catch-up time` this morning) but whilst outdoors earlier I found both Acleris hastiana and an early moth on the wall near to where one of the traps was placed. Those, and a Caloptilia elongella have `upped` the number of species that I had last night.
    Great to hear that you too have had diamond-backed and you`re right regarding the profitablity of checking sheds, windows etc for moths - good records turn up!