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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Leaf-mines on Luzula

This morning (23/3), Nigel Stringer and I went to Troserch Woods, north of Llangennech in south-east Carms. (a site familiar to Sam who successfully surveyed some steep rock outcrops for bryophytes well over a decade ago). I was hoping to find Elachista regificella which occurs on Luzula sylvatica (greater wood-rush), a plant of steep, ungrazed acidic oakwoods.
We found some leaf-mines but on reaching home and the UK leaf-mines key they did not have the `puckering` of the Elachista concerned.
Carex pendula at the site also had some large leaf-mines which may have been Cerodontha angulata (dipteran) and another dipteran is found on Luzula sylvatica -  Cerondontha luzulae, which may be the best contender. I`m not sure of the status of the latter in Wales. Any comments or corrections will be welcomed - thanks.


  1. I think that probably is a fly mine - if it is occupied then you should be able to tell whether it's a fly or moth by holding the mine up to the light and examining the larva.

    I've only found the mines of regificella later in the spring, in April and May.

  2. Thanks George - I`ll re-look for regificella later.