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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bumper numbers...

I had planned to take the `mobile actinics` out somewhere last night (Weds, 15/3/17) but, after the relative failure of a similar venture on Monday night, just opted for the easy option of a couple of traps (MV & mains actinic) in the garden at Pwll.
Checking the traps at c. 9.00 pm, I could see that good numbers were coming in and regretted not trapping in a different habitat ( I had thought of saltmarsh/dunes at Pembrey). This morning the large numbers were evident with, for example 42 common quakers, 25 twin-spotted quakers and 13 small quakers.
Of the total of 26 different species, mottled grey (1), yellow-horned (1) and Diurnea fagella (6) were probably the best; I think that it`s only the second time that I`ve had the last-named species in the garden rather than in woodland habitat (though my garden abuts much mixed woodland and extensive birch scrub woodland to the south).
Like Steve, I had Caloptilia stigmatella, the fourth species of this genus that I`ve caught this spring (the others being elongella, betulicola - hind-leg colours checked with these two species - and rufipenella). I also had elongella last night too. I note that Sam has caught C. falconipenella (see his always useful postings on the Monmouthshire moth blog), this being a species that I perhaps ought to look out for, as it is said to like plantings of non-native alders of which there`s plenty in local amenity/landscaping woodland.
Conditions do not look good for trapping this weekend.

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