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Friday, 3 March 2017

Better late than never...

Receipt of the Spring 2017 newsletter prompted Nigel Stringer to belatedly send me a couple of caterpillar photos that he`d taken last September (13/9/16) at Penybanc, near Llanfynydd, Carms SN562263.
The first one is the easily-identified broom moth but I`m stuck on the second - it has the general colours of a scarlet tiger caterpillar but the shape/location of the markings are different. Any ideas? - perhaps I`m missing something obvious in my haste.

                                                   Above: a broom moth caterpillar.
                                                           Above: who am I please?


  1. That's an early instar Drinker. I used to see them regularly on blackthorn twigs during Brown Hairstreak egg surveys, but haven't seen a single one this winter.