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Monday, 27 March 2017

An unplanned trapping session...

Given the rather cold and clear nights recently, I have n`t bothered to to trap. Last night (26/3), literally as I was locking up ready to go bed, I noticed a couple of noctuids at the kitchen windows.
They had gone by the time I went out but, seeing the slightly overcast skies, I put out one mains-fed actinic in the garden.
This morning there was a decent haul of moths, comprising 14 species of seasonal macros, with early greys topping the score with a dozen present. Nothing unusual and not a single micro, but worthwhile.
Remember today may be the last chance to check local birch thickets for orange underwings before the weather breaks; I`ll try to visit a local site this afternoon, if I have time and the opportunity.

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