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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Maenol Update

BT have finally managed to give me a better broadband signal so I'm posting a photo of a Spring Usher from last Sunday night (one of two):

I've checked all of my past records and can't find a Spring Usher amongst them, so it seems to be a first for me - Sam, perhaps you would kindly confirm this for me in due course.  It's surprising that I haven't seen it before, being a fairly common species by all accounts.

Sadly last week didn't offer much opportunity for trapping here, although one Pale Brindled Beauty came to the porch light yesterday evening.


  1. Congrats on your first Spring Usher, Chris - I've managed to avoid ever seeing the species as well!

  2. Thanks Steve. Like London buses, if you wait long enough two will come at once!

  3. Spring Ushers - Llandysul Area. Robinson MV. My first 6 x Spring Ushers arrived all at once, on 20 Feb, nfy, nfg, nfm, then 3 more Spring Ushers on 24 Feb.