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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Last night

Three Pale Brindled Beauties last night, had hoped to trap again tonight but raining too hard here now.
How far away do you all release moths if you are going to trap in the same place on consecutive nights? 100yds, 300 yds, half a mile?
Thanks as ever for all advice.

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  1. I rarely trap on consecutive nights, unless the first of the two has been foiled by weather - stronger wind than forecast, extra heavy rain, etc.

    My two main trap sites, selected for easy access to mains electricity and for diverse habitats, are only about 150 yards apart. The first of these is a small alder grove which I planted 20 years ago adjacent to an existing mature alder tree. The newcomers are now about 30 feet tall. This site is next to a stream and quite well sheltered from wind. The second site is on a grassy bank of the same stream, with mature hedgerow trees nearby and blackthorn scrub adjacent. From my records it is clear that there is quite a lot of crossover of moth species between the two sites and in addition, I always release trapped moths the evening after they have been trapped, so it is highly likely that some moths would be counted twice if I trap too frequently.

    I also have a small very wet woodland about a quarter of a mile from my house which is occasionally trapped with the same 125 watt MV and a generator. I do not think that there is any significant crossover from there to my "home" sights.