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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Common Quaker?

I trapped last night and amongst the Mottled Umbers, Winter moths and a second Pale Brindled Beauty for this year, I found this. I thought (hoped) it might be a Clouded Drab, but Ian thinks it is more likely to be a Common Quaker


  1. Well done for trapping Jane. I too trapped but had nothing at all in my trap.
    Re your moth. It has the general colours of one of the forms of clouded drab (of which you`ll catch lots later) but, to me, the wing tips don`t look pointy enough for that species, hence my suggestion of common quaker, As always, a moth in front of you is better than any photo (even with a scale line adjacent). I`ve stared at your moth too long now and it`ll get to the stage of me imagining it is something else unless I stop!

  2. I`ve copied and pasted an email exchange below involving Steve, Jane and is requested from more learned recorders please!...
    Steve Clarke`s comments : "Ian is, of course, correct about the rounded wing tips on the moth in your post of 18 January, Jane, but I am not entirely convinced that it's a Common Quaker. Your photo (with ruler - well done!) shows wing length of about 20mm, which is spot on for Clouded Drab. The shape of the outer cross line is similar in both species, but often has dark patches adjoining on the Drab and not on the Quaker. Further, the line seems to be always smooth on the Quaker, but somewhat ragged on the Drab. I wonder if the two species ever hybridise? Your moth provides an interesting conundrum for the New Year, Jane!"
    My comment: "Thanks Steve. To be sure, I don`t really know! I have n`t heard of a hybrid (but they may happen)...perhaps it is just a very early clouded drab. The colours etc do match a form of the latter.
    Jane has got another moth to i/d since this one...see the blog".

  3. I`ve just tried to find any online info re Orthosia hybrids but can`t find anything, suggesting that they don`t hybridise. The more I look at the moth, the more I now think that it may be an early clouded drab but the wing tips do appear to be round...or is it just the angle of the photo or whatever?