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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Please send in your records

Nights are cold and there are very few moths on the wing, so please take the opportunity to get your 2016 Carmarthenshire moth records typed up and sent in for the year.  Big team efforts (and the Blog) have seen the total number of moth records from the county rocketing since 2012, although Jon Baker's outstanding efforts of the early 2000s are sorely missed.

So far, I have had data from Belinda Jackson, Chris Manley, Jane Hand, Mel Jones, Rob Werran, Rosemary Royle, Steve Clarke and Vaughn Matthews, so several of the county's major players are still to send their data in.  I'm ashamed to say my contribution was a paltry 187 records - that's absentee recorders for you...


  1. 187 records is not at all shabby for someone who no longer permanently resides in the county, furthermore, your contribution to data collection and analysis, along with your highly valued skills and efforts to ensure correct identification of species many of us find difficult are of vital importance to the group. I am sure that we all hope you may be able to continue such work going forward. Very many thanks, Sam.

  2. I endorse all of your comments, Steve. What would we do without him (Sam)? My 2016 records are complete now and I shall be sending them to Sam shortly. The mild weather has encouraged the December Moths to emerge, six of them came to my (actinic) porch light last evening. Any further records from Maenol this year will be at the porch, my traps are in hibernation.