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Monday, 14 November 2016

Ten species...

There were ten species of moth in the Pwll garden trap last night (13/11) including one migrant and one FFY. They were: Blair`s shoulder-knot 1, pine carpet 1, Nov. moth agg. 8, dark sword-grass 1 (the migrant), yellow-line quaker 1, red-line quaker 1, common marbled carpet 1, feathered thorn 2, mottled umber 4 (FFY), Epiphyas postvittana 2. So, there`s still moths to be had!

Above: Blair`s shoulder-knot. For a few happy but deluded seconds as I `potted up` this moth, I thought that I had a sprawler, but upon taking it indoors I quickly realised that it was n`t!
                                                        Above: dark sword-grass.
Above: a poor shot of a nicely-marked mottled umber (FFY). Keep an eye out for scarce umbers.


  1. Nice moths, nice photos: good stuff, Ian. My trap's out tonight, but I don't expect results as good as yours.

  2. Beautiful Mottled Umber , my two have been rather dully marked. My trap is out, lots of midges and suchlike so far.

  3. Well done Ian, not so good here, Sunday night was my first trapping opportunity this month and yielded three moths: Merveille du Jour, Feathered Thorn and R/L Quaker. I'd love to see photos of your Yellow-line and Red-line Carpets!!

  4. Ha! thanks Chris! Obviously `crossed wires syndrome`...I`ll correct the `carpets` to `quakers` in the text.