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Saturday, 12 November 2016

"...just trappin` in the rain..."

After being alerted regarding the prediction of southerly overnight winds by Sam yesterday, out went one MV trap in my garden at Pwll last night (11/11/16). Judging by the amount of autumn debris (leaves and twigs etc) washed down on local roads and the 1"+ of water in the plastic base of my trap, the rainfall must have been substantial.
No migrants turned up and only six resident moth species were present in this Armistice Day (or, rather, night) catch: red-green carpet 3, Nov. moth agg. 1, yellow-line quaker 1, Epiphyas postvitanna 2, the tortricid Acleris notana 1 (believed this rather than ferrugana due to lack of tufts on wings, but not gen. det.) and yet another cypress carpet.

Above: by my reckoning, but without checking my records, this is at least the fourth time that I`ve had this species in 2016 - once in the summer and the rest in late autumn. The latter period seems to be a good time to target this moth if you have cypresses growing nearby.


  1. Well done with those Cypress Carpets; Ian I've never seen one, jealous face :-( I shall fire up the trap on Monday night - it looks like it may be warmer then.